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Easily improve the effect of your online advertising up to 200%. Set up your online campaigns in less than 60 seconds.


That’s the power of Esoft Shine, which is AI online marketing automation tool for winning realtors

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Experience the power of Esofts online marketing automation tool

Beat your competitors with AI

Looking to effectively promote your business, sign more listings or both? Esoft Shine is so intelligent, it automatically knows who to target, how to target them and through which online media to get the optimal effect.

By combining artificial intelligence and machine learning with vast amounts of big data, analyzing millions of user profiles and journeys, Esoft Shine will strengthen your online campaign and instantly outperform any campaign you’ve done in the past. Your online ads are strategically placed for maximum impact.

Kill the complexity

Esoft Shine is 100% automated and so simple to use. All you need to do is set the duration of your campaign, enter your budget, choose the type of campaign, and you are good to go on multiple platforms. You don’t need to upload any photos or property descriptions. All the relevant information from your listing is uploaded automatically, and the ads are created and placed for you.

It doesn’t matter if your advertising budget is big or small, you get the maximum effect from every online campaign with Esoft Shine.

Your campaign, your data

Unlike Google, Facebook and most other advertising platforms, which keep all the data from your campaign to themselves, the data that result from your advertising belongs to you.

You don’t need to worry about brand safety, your ads are placed exclusively on reliable and validated websites and social media platforms (white list), never on sites that could compromise your brand.



Esoft has won third place among 847 nominated agencies and companies – a result we are very proud of and which we believe reflects our ability to see opportunities, collaborate, and create value for real estate agents. We won the award together with Danbolig, our first customer for this web solution, one which has demonstrated excellent results and an impressive leadership focus.

"We are pleased with the recognition and validation our platform has achieved. Lots of people talk about digital marketing, but very few actually use artificial intelligence to learn from ongoing campaigns and use that understanding to optimise algorithms for subsequent campaigns. We optimise current microsegments to buy media in real time where potential property buyers are to be found. The property appears in all the media viewed by these prospective customers. Facebook also recognises this intelligence with a record-high relevance score of 9.4 out of 10. Intelligent use of the customer's media budget is an absolutely crucial factor in choosing a partner", 
states Martin Dam Magnussen.

We look forward to the international expansion of our platform with global partners, since Esoft’s real estate platform is in a unique position for further innovation in an upcoming sector.

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